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Fleabag : Season 2 Episode 1 [PORTABLE]

This episode shows it was a risk well worth taking. Waller-Bridge not only had a good idea for the new run (Fleabag vs God: a love story) but has turned it into exquisite TV. Exquisitely painful TV, but the real deal.

Fleabag : Season 2 Episode 1

Setting this episode in one location during a tension-filled family dinner is a genius way to set up the season. All of the core players from the show are in one place at one time, and we as an audience get to see how old relationships have evolved in between seasons, and how new relationships will form. In an interview with IndieWire, Phoebe Waller-Bridge talked about why she set the episode during a family dinner:

Series two episode one is verging on a 'bottle episode'; for the main part, Fleabag (writer-lead) Phoebe Waller-Bridge and her acquaintances spar around the table of an upmarket steak restaurant, during an insufferably-prickly family get-together. It wasn't a set; it's a real restaurant in the heart of London, and you can dine there. Just try not to wallop your waitress in the chops.

A classic vignette from the episode (not to mention a sharp observation on the Brits' insufferable politeness). Contrary to Claire's appraisal, we can report that the sauce we had (béarnaise) is excellent. Then again, the Fleabag actors weren't eating off the actual S&W menu; a special one was created, because as with all film and TV productions, anything consumed on camera has to prepped by an official food hygienist in conjunction with a designer. (Yeah we just learned that too.)

And although the wait staff are diligent in real life, they're not trying to shove drinks down your throat, like the waitress in the episode (who also winds up with a face bloodier than one of S&W's fillets done rare).

No-one even got round to signing one of the linen napkins, which are framed and hung by the toilets. Here you'll find a gallery of greats, including Tom Jones (who always orders the same steak and drink, like the bloody legend he is). Maybe the episode should have started with one of Tom's songs, rather than Frank's.

Now we've had some time to come to terms with Fleabag being officially over, the only thing to do in order to fill the giant void in your life is to go back and watch all the episodes again. Or, if you're short on time, you could just start dressing like the titular character, played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. And, what a better time to do it than All Hallows Eve? Arguably, our nameless heroine is more dark, mysterious and scary than most halloween icons, but with a touch of feminine spice. Top tip: messy mascara streaks are essential for the costume.

Apparently, when Fleabag last aired that's what a lot of people were already doing; trying to dress like her. Online fashion search engine Lyst announced that, since the final episode of Fleabag, in which she wears a red Reformation dress, it has seen a 38 per cent increase in searches for red dresses. Likewise, the black Topshop jumpsuit Waller-Bridge wore in the very first episode of season two. John Lewis have now released their retail report, where they mentioned the sales of black jumpsuits jumped by two thirds, coining it 'The Fleabag Effect'. With all the commotion the red dress is no longer available, but we've found a great alternative for you.

No episode of television made my jaw hang open the way this one did, as every scene is somehow crazier than the last. Bill Hader directed, co-wrote, and starred in this half-hour that was shocking, silly, ridiculous, brilliant, and action-packed.

Waller-Bridge knows how to have fun with the flickering currents of female wit, desire, insecurity and anger. The first season of Fleabag charts the confusion of Waller-Bridges' title character, the 20-something owner of a floundering London café who's dealing with the tragic death of her BFF.

But everything is richer and more fluid in this second season. Fleabag's family takes on a new emotional solidity, with even Claire's cartoonishly noxious husband (Brett Gelman) developing some shading. And Waller-Bridge has found her perfect foil in Scott. With his oddball timing and slightly intoxicated affect, his priest does for Fleabag what his Moriarty did for Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock Holmes. He knocks her out of her comfort zone.

While all six episodes are good, I want to single out the third as one of the greatest episodes of television I've ever seen. Juggling low comedy and high wit, it moves from a farcical gag about flatulence, to Kristin Scott-Thomas' character's majestic speech about women's aging, to a breathtakingly intimate scene with the priest in which Waller-Bridge takes the convention of a character directly addressing the audience and gives it a spin so original it's thrilling. You grasp what makes him, and their relationship, so special.

Whether Fleabag reaches such belief, you'll have to decide. For her part, Waller-Bridge has made a decision of her own. Resisting the current imperative to keep shows going season after season, she's already announced that this is the end of Fleabag. Which is just further proof of how great this show is. After all, if there's anything harder than making a good season of television, it's knowing when you've said what you had to say.

The revelation that had been bubbling since the first episode is a powerful hit to the gut for the viewer, but the surprise is not without its good reason. It emphasizes the true justification for the existence of this show. What is Fleabag, and why are we watching it? Are we just watching it because she says and does funny and inappropriate things? That could be the reason for a sitcom, like Seinfeld, where we watch morally questionable people do funny things for comedic value, but Fleabag is deeper than that. Fleabag is not a show about nothing. Fleabag turning her life around is her redemption after what she did to Boo, and if we knew all this from the start, Fleabag getting the loan in the end would not be as powerful. This is a story about a woman in recovery and without the surprise being delivered as such, the show would be less profound. We needed to fall in love with her so that we could accept her for her failures and mistakes, and rejoice when she turns her life around.

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There are six episodes in Fleabag season two. The runtime of episodes averages between 23-28 minutes. You can check the complete list of Fleabag Season 2 episodes and their release date below.

Fleabag Season 2 has an impeccable official critics rating of 100% and an average audience score of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. Both seasons of the show have been a raging hit with audience members and reviewers alike.

Throughout two short seasons, "Fleabag" creator, writer, and star Phoebe Waller-Bridge caught lightning in a bottle. The show's premise, which follows a self-destructive young woman navigating family drama and a hectic sex life, is not exactly revolutionary. Yet "Fleabag" is executed with such specificity and deft, insightful writing that it feels like nothing short of a minor miracle. Waller-Bridge stars as the titular character, who runs a small guinea pig-themed cafe while juggling dysfunctional relationships with sister Claire (Sian Clifford), Godmother (Olivia Colman), Father (Bill Paterson), and The Priest (Andrew Scott), and also mourning the death of her best friend Boo (Jenny Rainsford).

Before ascending the charts to become one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time and sweeping the 2019 Prime Emmy Awards, "Fleabag" had humble beginnings. Waller-Bridge debuted her Fleabag character on stage in a one-woman show at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The show then moved to London's Soho Theatre before becoming adapted to TV for BBC Three and Amazon Studios. Unfortunately, no future seasons of "Fleabag" are imminent, but the first two get better with each viewing. It feels sacrilegious to refer to any episode of the series as anything less than excellent. So, here is every episode of "Fleabag" ranked from very good to best. Warning: spoilers ahead.

"Fleabag" is often a perfect calibration of bittersweet, but this episode's tone veers heavily on the bitter. The culprit is the excessive presence of antagonistic Martin (Brett Gelman), Claire's sleazy husband, who ropes Fleabag into helping him find a gift for Claire's birthday before her party. Martin has his humorous moments, like drunkenly asking Fleabag if he can "eat a water" at her cafe. But too much of his scummy, jerk attitude can be taxing and impedes the episode's pacing. The shopping venture goes awry when Fleabag runs into Boo's boyfriend Jack (Anthony Welsh) at a shoe store and runs off. It is an affecting moment for Fleabag that lands much stronger in later episodes once we learn of her connection to Jack. Although "Episode 3" is not the show's strongest passage, even the "worst" episode of "Fleabag" is leagues better than most shows' finest.

The episode is predominately shot in close quarters within Father's house, which ratchets up the already claustrophobic atmosphere, but also leaves some scenes verging on stagnant. The slow burn brews to a boil when Fleabag throws Claire under the bus, announcing she earned a promotion in Finland but is not taking it. Claire turns the tables on Fleabag, revealing that she will not go to Finland because she cannot leave her "broken sister" to fend for herself. Fleabag suffers further embarrassment when Godmother remarks how she resembles her mother after a few drinks, prompting Fleabag to shove Godmother, who slaps her in return. It is a harsh display of rage and emotion for characters who usually traffic in passive-aggressive verbal warfare. 041b061a72

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